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Touken Ranbu - Online - Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki - Statue Legend (Di molto bene)Touken Ranbu - Online - Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki - Statue Legend (Di molto bene)

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It's already a year since it was announced and still nothing. I wish Orange Rouge pick this character or this entry will ended up in an abyss of forever draft, unless if they're going to make this character soon as possible.
hace 1 año
I'm in this strange limbo of being mad he didn't get the Orange Rouge treatment, but excited anyway cause my no. 1 is getting a figure :V
hace 2 años
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pls give me my boy
hace 18 días
rip I got excited when I saw this but then saw it was created 2 years ago
hace 23 días
No updates on this, no nendo announcement.
Mucchan, why.
hace 28 días
Winter wonfest is approaching, so once again....

Please OR pick him up just like what you did to Yamanbagiri from Megahouse if this one takes forever nothing.
Hace 1 mes
AshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
Solarstormflare (Hace 1 mes) #31043783soooooo.... r.i.p?

I think there's still a tinnnnny bit of hope left for him because an unpainted prototype of ITEM #335553 was shown a year and a half after the annoucment. So maybe they'll finish Kasen before starting Yoshiyuki? But it still could be years -.-
Hace 1 mes
soooooo.... r.i.p?
Hace 1 mes
Well Di Molto didnt drop Kasen so I guess they will keep going w him too. I just hope they dont take so much time to the point he becomes irrelevant in the fanbase...
Hace 7 meses
Wonfest is coming again...

Please Orange Rouge pick him. =)
(Like what you did to Yamanbagiri, Horikawa and Izuminokami.)
Hace 7 meses
2 years now with nothing happening... I hope some other company picks up Mutsu now that he's a main character in the Katsugeki anime. That way I can remove this one from my wishlist once and for all..
Hace 8 meses
Aside from Urashima Kotetsu who I think is the sexiest of the Touken Ranbu shonen, this is my second fav
hace 1 año
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