Inuburo Kogashuu - Kokuten Tae - 1/7 - Event Limited Edition (Orchid Seed)Inuburo Kogashuu - Kokuten Tae - 1/7 - Event Limited Edition (Orchid Seed)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Escala & Dimensiones
1/7  H=105mm (4.1in, 1:1=0.74m)
Fechas de lanzamiento
02/18/2018 As Limited
05/21/2015 As Exclusive
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Base size: 150mm x 125mm

Sales at Winter Wonder Festival 2018 are limited to 100 pieces.
Online sales of a small number are planned after wonfes.

Orders could be placed at Winter Wonder Festival 2015 and via Orchid Seeds Webshop till the 20th February www.wisecart.ne...


Selling mine. Never opened.

Hace 2 meses
Vamppyhace 5 años#3068115Finally this little beauty arrived at my home. ;D
She is so cute and I'm really happy with my decision to order her @BiJ. XDDD
Even the bonus item came without any damage. HOORAY! *dancing*

hello good morning, sorry for the inconvenience could you give me more information about the bonus? size and material, there is very little information about it, thanks for your time
Hace 5 meses
Hace 5 meses
Hello, someone explain to me about the bonus? thanks
Hace 6 meses
Selling mine, feel free to make me an offer pref uk only. [url=]profile/pawprin...[/url]
hace 1 año
Selling mine here CLASSIFIED #177032 thanks for looking!
hace 1 año
Looking to buy
hace 1 año
I’m selling this figure in the US pm for details.
hace 1 año
I keep hoping to see someone put this figure up for sale.

Got one! It wasn't cheap, but I didn't really expect it to be. Just glad to finally have this figure in my possession.
hace 2 años
anyone in US selling?
hace 2 años