Original Character - Melty Snow - 1/8 (Shokubutsu Shoujoen)Original Character - Melty Snow - 1/8 (Shokubutsu Shoujoen)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Includes a booklet with illustrations. Without book kit sells for ¥16,000.


hace 1 año
hace 1 año
Will be available at Wonder Festival 2018 Shanghai.
hace 2 años
For sale on Mandarake for 30,000 yen.
hace 3 años
If anyone has this for sell I'll as GK i'm willing to offer a purchase (will not accept E2 recasts)
hace 4 años
KingsleyKunhace 4 años#6302143Could you elaborate as to why you feel that way?

As for me, it's just unethical to buy from people who don't give a single penny (or even goddamn credit) to the sculptors who put whole their talent and thousands of hours of labor into creating something beautiful and unique.
So basically those criminals from E2... just sell stolen designs, pretending it's "their own original 'product'". And this statement is absolute lie, since they never seek sculptor's collaboration or approval even in case of the characters created from scratch. They don't even clearly state that they're a "recast producer". When I first encountered their webpage, I was absolutely sure that they sell legit stuff from Wonder Festivals... Only MFC saved me from buying their stuff, since I was lucky enough to accidentally find info about their 'bootleg' nature here in the "Rules" section on MFC.

By the way, what I know for sure, is that their quality is sub-par: I don't own ANY of their stuff, but I do checked quality of their bootlegs in comparison to japanese originals, since one of my friends had both. By closer inspection, the difference in quality of the casting and the plastic itself was very noticeable (I also highly doubtful that the material E2... uses follows any health-safe regulations, since it can easily be the cheaper one, which is suitable for industrial applications only).
I also heard that their customer service is awful, and that they take "pre-orders" for kits they never about to issue, thus people can't get their money back from them even after 3-4 years of useless waiting.
Also, 50$-60$ is quite a high price for such a low-quality 'product', since for the same amount of money it's easier and better to find an affordable original japanese kit on Mandarake.

P.S.: By the way, in the end I've managed to finally get my original Melty directly from Iwanaga Sakurako herself on WonFes!!! It proves that there's always a way to get what you want, all you need is to restrain falling for cheap low-quality alternatives ;)
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creo_cathace 7 años#1553213Of course, there's a bootleg recast of her selling on e2*** site, but I'm not willing to support that "manufacturer".
Could you elaborate as to why you feel that way?
hace 4 años
omg...im in love now !!!!!!
hace 6 años
One is being sold on Y!J:
page12.auctions... Bidding starts from 22,000 yen
hace 6 años
She is not only a great piece of artwork, but also reminds me of one of my beautiful ex-girlfriends...
Well, I suppose chances of getting the original kit are slim. Of course, there's a bootleg recast of her selling on e2*** site, but I'm not willing to support that "manufacturer"... Let's see if I will be able to find a real one :)

found one on Rakuten Auction for 139800 yen - auction.item.ra...
found another on Y!J Auctions for 99800 yen - page11.auctions...
well, the 2nd one feels almost like a bargain, but OMG, dat prices!!!!
hace 7 años