Tamashii Stage - Act. Light (Bandai)Tamashii Stage - Act. Light (Bandai)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Tamashii Stage - Act. Light (Bandai)
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WHYYYY just release this stuff!! Guess I have to DIY
hace 2 años
You can buy this at a local store. Battery powered push light. Just put a piece of acrylic over it with a circle of black paper over it, same effect. You would never leave a figure with a light on underneath it heating it up anyway, so a temporary effect would make more sense.
hace 4 años
Oh come on already..
Don't tell me it's canceled
hace 4 años
Raithos Stagnant
This would be so boss for WCF and figma, gimme gimme gimme!
hace 5 años
ARRRGH announce a release for this already! I need like 15 of them so I want to know pricing >_<;;
hace 5 años
Is this being sold?
hace 5 años
Iwonder how much it costs..
hace 5 años
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