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Touhou Project - Hakurei Reimu (Toranoana)
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Selling her for 10€.
Shipping worldwide, check my shop :)
hace 2 años
arisutanhace 6 años#2391126so small but such a beautiful face
She is tiny indeed, but she's adorable as well. She was worth every penny :)
hace 4 años
arisutan やれやれだぜ
so small but such a beautiful face
hace 6 años
1500Y Mandarake [Grandchaos (Osaka Shinsaibashi) Store] ekizo.mandarake...
hace 7 años
8000Y Mandarake ekizo.mandarake...
hace 8 años
4290 yen on Mioboutique.

hace 8 años
Au-chan Kawaru wa yo! Au-chan`s figures!
Is this the one that comes with the Golden City Factory cd? Because if so, I just got her feet are not exactly in the middle and saw the photos of other people that got her and it's the same... in there 2 differents or is it the same? xD
hace 9 años
hace 9 años
I really want her. ;; But I just bought the Miku Orchestra Nendoroid so I really shouldn't be buying another figure so soon.
If she sells out, I guess I can look forward to the Marisa version
hace 9 años
Live better. Play more!


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