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Free! - Tachibana Makoto (Media Factory)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=50mm (1.95in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
01/30/2015 As Standard
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Selling the entire set! 6 figures (Haru x2) all opened but in their original boxes.
Based in the UK (UK or EU buyer preferred).
Open to offers - DM me for pics!
hace 1 año
Selling: €8, from ITALY to WORLDWIDE, paypal. Fees and shipping on buyer's behalf. Haru and Rin available.
hace 1 año
IDM if u are selling only certain ones
hace 2 años
Looking to buy the full set for a reasonable price please DM me if u are a seller <3
hace 2 años
Panduhrhace 5 años#2701152Figure is super cute, but ugh, I hate the stand.
I feel like I might break the figure when I try to shove Makoto's pegs into the stand.
They don't fit great. ):

Mine actually did break when we had a small earthquake not too long ago. Fell about two feet off the shelf and onto the floor, and the peg broke off into his foot. :/ I've been trying to find a new stand/ make one that will fit without me having to break the stuck peg/ foot to get it to stay upright.
hace 2 años
Selling Makoto for $6! Msg if interested. Sold!
hace 2 años
I found the whole set for $25 at my anime store! Next time I go there I'll probably get them :)
hace 3 años
Selling for 8AUD from Australia!
PM for details ; w ;
hace 3 años
Hi, are you still looking for him? I'd be willing to sell him for $15 + shipping

Pippin4242hace 3 años#14335774Still looking for one of these - last purchase fell through. Feel free to hit me up!
hace 3 años
Still looking for one of these - last purchase fell through. Feel free to hit me up!
hace 3 años
Import from Japan


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