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Rockman - Replica - Mega Man Mega Buster Gun Replica (ThinkGeek)Rockman - Replica - Mega Man Mega Buster Gun Replica (ThinkGeek)

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Product Specifications

* A full-sized replica of Mega Man's Mega Buster Gun
* Two trigger-activated, light and sound effects: single shot or charged shot
* Power up and down light/sound effects
* Fits right or left hand (ambi-blaster-ous)
* Officially-licensed Capcom product
* A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive
* Batteries: 3 x AA (not included)
* Dimensions: approx. 8" diameter (at widest) x 14.2" long - arm hole is approx. 4.8" diameter



This is a great piece to own. If you are a fan of Rockman/Megaman then this is a must have grail. I love it so much.
hace 3 años
instagram.com/p... seriously... I want to be buried with it. that is my final wish. its so wonderful!!
hace 3 años
Your source for old and rare figurines!


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