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IA/VT Colorful - PSVita Game - Crystal Box (Marvelous Inc.)
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07/30/2015 As Limited
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A limited edition will be available for 9,420 yen, and include a pouch, PS Vita PCH-1000/2000 skin seal, decoration stickers, cleaning cloth, strap, charm strap, card case, and a special box.

First Comer Bonus:
- IA premium dress jacket + 5 latest IA songs playable product code


Looking to sell my Crystal Box, $200. Hit me up. Never opened, still in original plastic film.
hace 1 año
In stock @ Neokyo
Buy on Amazon.co.jp through Neokyo: neokyo.com/sear...
Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage,
Purchase from any japanese store.
In stock @ OtakuRepublic
Free Shipping woldwide from Japan.
Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
I'm looking for this dlc code.
hace 4 años
danichuhace 5 años#3558897Would you be interested in selling *just* the First Comer Bonus DLC?. Would pay around the same as the DLC packs in the JP PSN (in USD)

Are you still looking for the dlc code?
hace 4 años
TheDeadTexan Perpetual Disappointment
Ami w/first comers bonus (released) 6,980
hace 4 años
PurpleNoireHearthace 5 años#3322158hmmm....maybe at about the range of $80 to $100 free shipping...I'll include the first comer bonus DLC of course

Would you be interested in selling *just* the First Comer Bonus DLC?. Would pay around the same as the DLC packs in the JP PSN (in USD)
hace 5 años
Docoda The MusicMaster
Looking for one with the first comer bonus!
hace 5 años
PurpleNoireHearthace 5 años#3323948you need a JPN psn account....
Japan is part of Asia, but USA is not...


oh no I meant does the Asian version need a jp psn account for dlc of a korean?hong-kong? one?


www.play-asia.c... Asian version

www.play-asia.c... jap version
hace 5 años
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