Kill la Kill - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - 1 (Movic)Kill la Kill - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - 1 (Movic)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Kill la Kill - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - 1 (Movic)
Escala & Dimensiones
W=298mm (11.62in)  L=211mm (8.23in)
Fechas de lanzamiento
07/2014 As Standard
03/2014 As Standard
12/19/2013 As Standard
395g, 70 páginas, A4
Japonés12,791 hits • 40 comentarios2 favoritos



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hace 5 años
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hace 6 años
ebchmanhace 6 años#2145681So, what's the shipping quote for just this book from AmiAmi, HS and HLJ?
Also, why is this July 2014 re-release cheaper by about 75 yen compared to the previous two releases?

HLJ's quote was 980 yen :(
hace 6 años
xhiganbana Chillyteets
Is anyone else looking for this?
I can get them for you from a local store o.o
hace 6 años
Resale @ Ixu's deviance for 17.10€
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