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Kannagi - Nagi - 1/8 (FREEing)
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I'm just gonna quietly assume this was canceled???
Hace 7 meses
Silverkite Touhoutastic!
Freein 2015 releases,nice variety at last they're not like GSC,MH or MF,I do approve only Laura but sadly she's 1/4 scale and when something is that big or it looks like a child's toy or it's just so wrong.

And now Nagi,guess they have forgot about her...Oh well more money for me
hace 6 años
Starting to think this got canned... :(
hace 6 años
Srsly... I would buy this in a heartbeat (assuming good color of course)... Nagi-sama~! Come on WonFes Summer 2014... Daddy needs a Kannagi fig... :D
hace 7 años
Silverkite Touhoutastic!
damn still nothing?
hace 7 años
Any news?
hace 7 años
Kazamir Savage Elitist Scum
hace 8 años
her forehead looks too small or her bangs are too long , not sure
hace 8 años
It is weird to see a Nagi figure by now. Fingers crossed she turns out decently. Anyway, I don't own any figures from FREEing or Penguin Parade, but based on pictures an comments I've read, would it be fair to say they have similar quality? Not the highest, BTW.
hace 8 años
Wooot??? That's random. I wonder if there is gonna be a new season. I was hoping for Konjiki no Yami when I saw the picture. Skip.
hace 8 años
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