Bishoujo Mangekyou - Kagarino Kirie (Milk Pot)Bishoujo Mangekyou - Kagarino Kirie (Milk Pot)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Bishoujo Mangekyou - Kagarino Kirie (Milk Pot)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=110mm (4.29in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
12/24/2013 As Limited
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skylinedo BANNED
Just rec'd this today. Her level of detail is amazingly perfect! Easily one of my favorites!
hace 4 años
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This is really a very high quality flawless figure that is best in cast-off mode.

In this version the gloves, boots, and bikini are maroon. In the other version it is the inside of the cape that is maroon. So in this version the gloves and shoes stand out more against the black cape, while the black tail is less noticeable. However, since the (wooden) base is black a key benefit of this version is that the maroon boots stand out more instead of blending into the color of the base. Compared to the official pictures, the bikini is more red than the gloves and boots and the hair is more whitish blue, which is nicer than the blue than in the official pictures.

She is very beautifully sculpted on top, and with anatomical detail below. It's a "semi-forced cast-off". The top and bottom consist of pieces of elastic material connected by very thin rubber bands which are glued onto them. Although they are very stretchable, it is best you make one cut to remove the panties to avoid them tearing in the wrong place. For the top you will have to make two or three cuts because the gaps between the cape and body are extremely tight.

I called it semi-forced cast-off because nothing is glued to the figure itself and technically you could put back the panties and the top. In any event, she so perfect in cast-off mode that I am never going to put back that bikini.
hace 6 años
I am soooo tempted due to the AmiAmi discount, but it won't be worth it if she arrives broken. ARGH! I'm torn...
hace 6 años
As she is beautiful! Why is it made ​​of polystone? Probably have to wait for user photos. And then decide for themselves whether to buy or not.
hace 6 años
Some interesting pics from Moeyo: www.moeyo.com/a...
hace 7 años
Setsura Void Witch
Considering how much I enjoyed the game, this is just a slap in the face.
hace 7 años