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TOA Heavy Industries - Synthetic Human - 1/6 (1000Toys)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/6  H=300mm (11.7in, 1:1=1.8m)
Fechas de lanzamiento
05/2020 As Limited + Exclusive
12/27/2016 As Limited + Exclusive
08/08/2014 As Limited + Exclusive +1
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Second batch will be available at 1000Toys Shop from 27th May 2016 11:00AM (JST) to 1st June 2016 11:00AM (JST) (limit 3pcs per person) for 150 USD

Bootleg comparison web.archive.org...


The weapon hand exclusion is a bummer but I’m still not going to let this pass, probably.
Hace 8 meses
So, pre-orders will start tomorrow. But no weapon holding hands will be included. That's a real let down. -___-"
Hace 8 meses
Heard there'll be another procuction run early next month. Get your wallets ready!
Hace 9 meses
If anyone is still selling an official one, please PM with photos and price. I'm not interested in any bootlegs since I will need him to function perfectly for poses (for a friend who wanted him as a reference). I'd really appreciate it since I missed out on the one last year and couldn't attend any conventions they went to.
hace 1 año
this is &??* top
hace 2 años
Got one from 1000toys at ToyCon UK yesterday. Tempted to buy another one today even though I only wanted the one for drawing lol. Never thought I'd actually get one after all this time and at a good price too ( ̄ω ̄)
hace 3 años
got one!
hace 3 años
Saw a prototype for a 1/12th version a couple days ago at Bait. Can't wait! Hope a new round of preorders for 1/6ths goes up as well as I missed this last one.
hace 3 años
Got one!
hace 3 años
Woo! I actually ordered this for my mom from 1000Toys the other day.

See, my mom is an artist, working mostly in oils and charcoal. I thought it would be fun to get her something unique that she could use for sketching, that would also remind her of me because I collect art pieces like this. Christmas present is locked! Haha.
hace 4 años
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