Shuffle! - Shigure Asa - 1/8 - Maid uniform Ver. (Atelier Sai)Shuffle! - Shigure Asa - 1/8 - Maid uniform Ver. (Atelier Sai)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Shuffle! - Shigure Asa - 1/8 - Maid uniform Ver. (Atelier Sai)
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08/2006 As Standard
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Bought from Mandarake. The third Asa figure I've ordered and this is one of my favourites, her outfit is so cute x3 I'd love to see a cafe outfit of her with long hair like from the end of the series, that would be amazing <3
hace 4 años
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
1500 yen resealed
hace 4 años
Available Ami Ami

hace 7 años
NekoAleu Toy enthusiast
Selling mine along with ALL of my other figures (left, that is.. sold about half now)
AUTHENTIC. NO BOX. ONLY USED FOR DISPLAY. Will ship internationally.
Please make me an offer. I really need to get rid of my figures fast!
hace 7 años
Got mine on order last night 1780 B+ / B Well hope its not as bad as what people are saying. Still it will go in my Maid collection.
hace 7 años
Might sell mine, PM if interested :)
hace 7 años
Amiami A/B 1520 JPY www.amiami.com/...
hace 7 años
NekoAleu Toy enthusiast
I love the fact that her skirt comes off!
hace 8 años
NekoAleu Toy enthusiast
For the original price.. I don't think it's worth it. She looks more like a prize figure. It's just the face & hair color... But I got her for less than $15. So i'm good.
hace 8 años
dinonomscookies I'm your crack, smoke me.
Im selling/trading myn. Pm if your interested. :3
hace 9 años
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