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I kinda want her, but it looks like she has a cupcake on her head? It bugs me more than it should.
hace 4 años
hace 4 años
Review asahiwa.jp/f/to... Unsure if i want her. Somehow the quality didn't seem to translate :/ What do people who own her think?
hace 4 años
Wow it's been over a YEAR. Jesus. I wonder if we will get a release -_-
hace 4 años
Delayed again. What a surprise /sarcasm
hace 4 años
September release
hace 4 años
MyWalletHatesMehace 5 años#3209197I thought summer in Japan is June-August?

Yeah you guys are right I messed up sorry >~<
hace 5 años
Lunariahace 5 años#3186715It's probably Japan's summer so end of year I think

I thought summer in Japan is June-August?
hace 5 años