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Selling mine for $5. Like-New condition. Pics in my shop
hace 4 años
woah why does her eyes look like paper in the picture here? well anyways i saw her at a convention a couple months back and she is much better looking in person
hace 4 años
sarious Chino is My Life
Very nice plushy. My favorite of my 3 that I have so far. Her tail is positional which is nice.
hace 5 años
AlchemicCandyhace 6 años#2157964My partner has one and she's really much cuter in person.
Found this at a con a week ago for $16. It really is a lot cuter in person.
hace 5 años
My partner has one and she's really much cuter in person.
hace 6 años
Received her today. She's really cute in person (love the tufts on her ears) and her eyes are silk-screened on very well (not like the picture's "glued-patch" look).
hace 6 años
You're only alternative is to buy the one that'l cost you $90 or more and have slightly better features. I guess beggars can be choosers.
hace 7 años
Woah wtf, the pose looks like a male pose with shorts on and a tunic. The eyes look like their glued on to the head in patches, and the eyebrows have layers like if shes really old. The tail isnt fluffy, and the ears are only fluffy in the ends.

This looks more like a bootleg plush than a tribute to Holo lol
hace 7 años
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