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My older sister gave me her years and years ago back when I was obsessed with the Chobits series. I finally found her the other day! The lower part of her hair is a bit damaged, but other than that she's perfectly fine. I put her on a lanyard and hung her up in the living room. So glad I still have her. <3 I used to have a larger plush of both Yuzuki and Sumomo, but I'm pretty sure they're long gone. Def gonna buy them later on at some point. <3
hace 3 años
dokidoki azusa girl
found her for $1.69 at a thrift store, lol
hace 5 años
I just got her and she looks alot better than the damn promo pic.
hace 5 años
Selling her for 7€, her hair is kinda damaged though. If anyone's interested, PM me!
hace 8 años
so that's who this was made by!
hace 11 años
Import from Japan


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