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Detroit Metal City - Camus - Revoltech - No. 057 (Kaiyodo)
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07/2008 As Standard
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No drum set eh?
hace 3 años
Camus is the most useless figure of the set, he lacks the drums and it's only "cool" if you put he along with Krauser and Jagi. One shame, because he is the most badass of the band.
At least they are cheap, so you can buy them together easily.
hace 5 años
I love this series, but the hands and range of posability are pretty awful... At least he was cheap, and now I have all three?
hace 8 años
the lack of drums is a deal breaker
hace 9 años
They suck, but they are a must have once u've seen the DMC anime....xDDDDD
hace 11 años
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Extremely ugly figure. The only kickback that you'll get from this figure are his accessories. Same goes with Johannes Krauser II and Alexander Jaggi.

When I saw this in the store yesterday, I so went LOL.
By the looks of it, this is a must have for Blood-pledged Revoltech Collectors, Detroit Metal City fans and Bizzare Rockstar Fans only...and no one else. ^^;
hace 12 años
Live better. Play more!


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