Touhou Project - Kirisame Marisa (Toranoana)Touhou Project - Kirisame Marisa (Toranoana)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Touhou Project - Kirisame Marisa (Toranoana)
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10/11/2009 As Exclusive
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Marisa comes with a CD, packaged by Golden City Factory doujin circle


got her today, she's so tiny :0
hace 1 año
1500Y Mandarake [Grandchaos (Osaka Shinsaibashi) Store] ekizo.mandarake...
hace 7 años
2000 yen ^^ ekizo.mandarake...
hace 8 años
Cupcakez89 The quiet one
2,500 yen at mandarake ^_^ ekizo.mandarake...
hace 9 años
Her face kinda scares me. I don't know if I want this Marisa. D=
hace 9 años
As of this posting, Otacute has two left in stock.
hace 10 años
thanks jiejie, i'll take a look and see if i can figure this out
hace 10 años
jiejie on ice
But surely the sculptor's name is on the box somewhere? If you can find anything that looks like it, take a picture and let the japanese speakers decipher it. :-)
You're looking for 原型制作:_____ (insert sculptor name here) or something similar.
hace 10 años
there is so little information about this figure. I just got mine, but dang i wish i could find out the sculptor.
hace 10 años
Kaichi ☆☆☆
pop's work~ sweet~
hace 10 años
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