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K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio - PM Figure - Lefty Rock'n Roll (SEGA)K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio - PM Figure - Lefty Rock'n Roll (SEGA)

K-ON!! - Akiyama Mio - PM Figure - Lefty Rock'n Roll (SEGA)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=220mm (8.58in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
03/2013 As Prize
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In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥3,070)

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hace 25 días
selling her and yui, used like new, $20 each or $35 for both of them. PM me if interested!
hace 1 año
Selling this, Azusa, and Yui as a set! PM for offers!
hace 1 año
Just won her on ebay after I struggled a long time with myself if I should get her - got Azusa a year ago in the same way. Now I'm looking for Yui.

I'm very curious how her quality is, since I read the comments.
hace 2 años
Selling SALE #92717
hace 2 años
hace 3 años
1,500 yen mandarake - ekizo.mandarake...
hace 3 años
pomfie moeshit
Selling! www.ebay.com/it... (US only) Sold!
hace 4 años
K-On (hace 4 años) #2190335I think it's just what you call 'a badly made figure'. Remember that it's a prize figure after all, you can't expect it to be the same quality as other high quality figures (that usually cost alot more).
I have this figure myself, and indeed, her legs are rather shiny, her skirt is thick etc. I bought mine from KingPlayer, so don't think I've got a bootleg here. It's also very rare that there'd be bootlegs of prize figures, as they're already pretty cheap.
Don't worry, I think you got a legitimate figure over there. After all, I think the size and the quality is pretty good.

its not a bad figure itself but compared to Yui, from the same set whos also a prize figure. Yui just looks so impressive in comparison. Actually Yui looks pretty nice compared to a lot of my scales. was there maybe a rerelease for her... hmm
hace 4 años
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