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Sword Art Online - Lisbeth - Premium Item (FuRyu)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=160mm (6.24in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
02/23/2013 As Prize
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Hace 4 meses
If you're selling her for a decent price, please send me a PM.
Hace 9 meses
AmiAmi pre-owned:
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I'm glad I got her forever ago. It seems she's gotten expensive, and if I was looking for her now, I'd be annoyed with the price. :/. She's actually one of my favorite prize figures, except for the fact her mace hates me and likes falling out of her hand. I wish they had more Lisbeth figures. This one is good, but I'd love a Lisbeth nendo or scale.
hace 2 años
2,500 JPY Mandarake

"This is getting out of hand. Now there are 3 of them."
hace 2 años
Anyone selling? Please pm! Thank you!!
hace 3 años
Looking to buy, located in US. Please PM me if selling, thanks!
hace 4 años
If anyone is looking to sell one....let me know. Nigh on impossible finding this one >.<! Somehow actually managed to score one! Can't wait :D!
hace 4 años