Original Character - #04 - UJ-14 - 1/8 - PSE Products (Beagle)Original Character - #04 - UJ-14 - 1/8 - PSE Products (Beagle)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Original Character - #04 - UJ-14 - 1/8 - PSE Products (Beagle)
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From UltraJump illustration


Anyone selling?
hace 3 años
On sale at Anime Corner Store: www.animecorner...
hace 8 años
Cupcakez89 The quiet one
I really love that expression on her face ^_^
hace 9 años
found her from a US seller at 33 euro + shipping .. I hope he will be a good seller >_>
and no tax from custom!

edit : received! no tax and good seller!! (he usually sold glass items so the package was great!)
hace 9 años
Does anyone know a reliable source where I can order this from?
hace 10 años
Finally got her and love it. My only 2 nitpickings, her left boot does not entirely contact her bottom and her back contains a small paint drop.
hace 10 años
A excellent review / gallery of VERY detailed pictures.

Hoping to add this figurine to my collectionbut it seems sold out pretty much everywhere, if anyone happens to know of a site that still has this in stock with less than outrageous to west europe/Netherlands i would apreciate it alot.

BTW i see this figure is listed on here twice, one being a draft. How can i flag the draft for deletion?
hace 11 años
Who ever wrote the info is wrong

Original is based off of Range Murata's illustration book: FORM CODE

Manufacturer is Alpha whos done the entire PSE PRO series. (other range murata figures)
Unfortunately i dont know the sculptor. :( Can you change the information please? Since this is one of my favorite figures i own.
hace 12 años
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.



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