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Wonder Festival 2012 [Summer]


KalasRavenhace 3 años#18406001Wish granted!! ITEM #550343Hell yeah! :DDD
hace 3 años
SengokuGensuihace 4 años#14111571Please let them make a PVC of this...

Wish granted!! ITEM #550343
hace 3 años
Please let them make a PVC of this...
hace 4 años
Seems like there's more planned for this. If this is what I think it means I'm hyped for it.



BANG-YOU先生の「流弾 涼子(仮)」ちゃん




Prototype our ongoing

BANG-YOU teacher "stray bullet Ryoko (provisional)" chan

To complete the incomplete combustion of sculptor,
The previous Ryoko-chan it is refined overall.

It is scheduled to be finished as a completely new and not the place where you are not messing about.
Please expect muscle Girl favorite one of all means. (^ O ^)

Character name you do not may change, it may be as it is. Sorry.
hace 5 años
machinmanhace 6 años#1815972I hope she's next to make it to pvc after ITEM #180387 and ITEM #167412

I'm hoping this is Mouse Unit's next figure...

They're doing this now: ITEM #302734
hace 5 años
I hope she's next to make it to pvc after ITEM #180387 and ITEM #167412
hace 6 años
Ordered her as a Graduation gift from my parents. ;_; So happy I'll finally be getting her!
hace 7 años
Mouse Unit did release a PVC of Anette so there is hope for Ryouko, my brethrens.

They just better hurry up if they do, otherwise I'll cave in and buy the GK.
hace 7 años
My god I beg the universe to make a PVC of her.
hace 7 años
BlackMesaNorthhace 8 años#1061735It shall be mine...
I feel the same:D
hace 7 años