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Vocaloid - Lily - Premium Item (FuRyu)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=200mm (7.8in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
11/29/2012 As Prize
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Selling her for a reasonable price! Please PM me for details!
hace 3 años
I love the sculpt a lot but the paint is off in a place or two. The mic also broke fairly easily so I'd be extra careful with that.
hace 3 años
AmiAmi (B/B) 960 JPY - www.amiami.com/...
hace 5 años
Still selling her for €12,50 or a good offer
Please PM if you are interested or want (more) pictures
SALE #39664
hace 6 años
Selling her for €15,00 or a good offer
PM me if you are interested
SALE #39664
hace 6 años
hace 7 años
finally got mine in (like 6 weeks later). The sculpt is nice, but the paint job isn't. With a better paint job, she would have been fantastic. I do like her, even with all her issues.
hace 7 años
Akirahace 7 años#1266955The sculp is not terrible, but the quality of the product in the pictures gives a lot to desire... :U

It is pretty bad in person... I am quite disappointed.
hace 7 años
GodYagamihace 7 años#1267435She worth it?
I'm still thinking about buy it or not...

Mine just came in and I must say, for the price you pay for her she's definitely worth it.
I'm a fan of Lily as a vocaloid so I really enjoy having figures of her, but this one's face is more accurate than the 26cm one, her pose is good, the paint job is good, she was packed safely and had plastic around her middle to prevent paint transfer from her belt.
Her microphone stand was seperated from the microfone itself to prevent breaking and she comes with an arm to plug in the stand to hold her up just in case, though my figures rarely start to lean so I don't use it ^^

She's very sturdy on her base and also nicely detailed, I enjoy seeing her a lot ^^
hace 7 años
She worth it?
I'm still thinking about buy it or not...
hace 7 años