Touhou Project - Patchouli Knowledge - Touhou Sofubi - 05 - Majimaji (Toranoana)Touhou Project - Patchouli Knowledge - Touhou Sofubi - 05 - Majimaji (Toranoana)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Touhou Project - Patchouli Knowledge - Touhou Sofubi - 05 - Majimaji (Toranoana)
Fecha de lanzamiento
08/2009 As Exclusive
Japonés22,237 hits • 11 comentarios18 favoritos



Toranoana retail store and online shop exclusive.


cthugha cute girl enjoyer
i am So excited to open her on my birthday.....
hace 1 año
For sale: SALE #50994
hace 7 años
hace 7 años
I don't know but compared to thei mini versions, this one looks so much paler :O
Is that so or is it just the pictures?
hace 9 años
think this one is related too: doujinshi.mugim...
hace 10 años
Just got her today...she's so cute!! Very happy to have picked her up and now looking to grab some of the others. ^_^
hace 10 años
Hard to comprehend people actually consider getting this lucky. When I got mine they had them stacked up nonchalantly in a huge mountain with slashed prices. I got it because at the time I wasn't fond of the PVC Patchy figures I could find and didn't want to go home empty handed.

Glad I got it though.
hace 11 años
kilani Sayaka Rank
I got lucky and found her on mandarake for 2500y last night. Maybe yahoo japan?
hace 11 años
any ideas where i can order her from? :) x
hace 11 años
This one is actually a bit old.(even though it hasn't been released yet)
It's just that they just added it on the DB.

Marisa/Alice/Inaba/Cirno set was already released quite some time ago though.
hace 13 años
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