Mascot Character - Nerd-Tan - 1/8 - No underwear?! (Good Smile Company)Mascot Character - Nerd-Tan - 1/8 - No underwear?! (Good Smile Company)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Mascot Character - Nerd-Tan - 1/8 - No underwear?! (Good Smile Company)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/8  H=180mm (7.02in, 1:1=1.44m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
05/2006 As Standard
Japonés20,447 hits • 22 comentarios18 favoritos



Comes with cast-off cloth panties.


Received today and I'm amazed by it, 2006's product but it's come in MISB, no sticky on her body. She is CUTE!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hace 4 meses
I really want her because she's so cute but my parents already think that the tame figures I own are kinda pervy so no way I'll let it in my house.
hace 1 año
Tenmashi a.k.a. Viince-kun
I'm selling her for €35,- + shipping from the Netherlands! :)
hace 4 años
i have her for sale if anyone's interested!
hace 4 años
Just ordered her on Mandarake for 1000 yen. <3
hace 4 años
She's absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Where can I find her? <3
hace 4 años
She's such a cutie! Way better details than I expected, she's worth the price she goes for, for sure! There are also lots of display options with parts splitting up in mutliple parts (such as her dress being 2 pieces).
hace 4 años
finally bought her~ she popped up on amiami for $15 and i'm really excited since i've wanted her for such a long time
hace 5 años
Was able to get one on Manda for 2500 JPY. Surprised she was still in stock as in the past I haven't always had good luck getting older scales like this.
hace 5 años
takenyakahace 7 años#1507648fix item description please. there's SO MUCH mistakes I was unable to find her with google/mfc search and opened new entry for this figure >_<
info about this figure
price is 6800
Sculptor Hiro
Product Name Nerd-tan (なーど)

All fixed :)
hace 7 años
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