Highschool DxD - Himejima Akeno - Swimsuit ver. (FuRyu)Highschool DxD - Himejima Akeno - Swimsuit ver. (FuRyu)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Highschool DxD - Himejima Akeno - Swimsuit ver. (FuRyu)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=170mm (6.63in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
08/2012 As Prize
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Selling my set with Rias for $145 free shipping in the USA

Pm if interested
hace 2 años
Currently up on Ninoma in a set with Rias for $7,283.74

Where's my credit card @_@
hace 2 años
Anyone selling? Looking to buy
hace 3 años
Any know where I can find one of these, or aree looking to sell?
hace 3 años
Selling my set www.ebay.com/it...? of Akeno and Rias, found them stowed in the closet.
hace 3 años
Anyone know how much she is going for? USD.
hace 5 años
Selling both rias and akeno together for $40, feel free to try and negotiate a lower price if you would like to. Buyer pays shipping (I pay paypal fees), would prefer U.S. buyers if possible.

Read my listing for more details.

hace 6 años
I'm looking for her, somebody wants to sell? >_<
hace 6 años
Is it me or are none of the Akeno figurine doing justice to Akeno anime version. I have yet to see her face that matched as I have seen in the anime. Boobs and body are easy to do but the face...

Not yet for me when it comes to Akeno. I have Rias already and they did an awesome job with her.
hace 7 años

If it's a Prize Figure it shouldn't be that much then!
hace 8 años