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Aw, yay, I thought she had a cute design when I got her in the gacha.
hace 24 días
About damn time Okita got a nendo.

hace 25 días
Buying only if she gets some oden.
Hace 1 mes
I can't believe she got a nendo before og Okita and Nobu...
Hace 1 mes
Jheila Completely helpless
Poor OG Okita... no strengthening... no nendoroid...
Hace 1 mes
I wish it was second ascension oof
Hace 1 mes
Okitan got a nendoroid before Okita lol
Hace 1 mes
Still one of the best and funniest NP lines in the game, haha!
"Um... What was it again...? Hmmm... I forgot! Eat it! Something-Something Awesome Beam!!!"
Hace 1 mes
Please have 2nd ascension Okitannn. I love her first version but her second is my jammmm
Hace 1 mes
Lol they reveled a Nendoroid for the Alter before vanilla Okita.
Hace 1 mes
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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