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Chandra Nalaar チャンドラ・ナラー




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There is no virtue in subtlety—at least not as far as Chandra Nalaar is concerned. She's a confident, ardent, defiant Planeswalker whose specialty is pyromancy: spells of fire, fire, and more fire.

Growing up as a magic-user on a plane of inventors, she's used to being the black sheep. In fact, she grew to embrace and celebrate her independence from her renegade parents. But she and her parents were hunted by the local consuls for transgressions against their oppressive rule. Her parents were brutally punished, and Chandra herself sentenced to execution for crimes she didn't commit. Outraged, panicked, and grief-stricken, Chandra's spark ignited along with her pyromancy, and she bathed her punishers in flames before being transported to a new plane. There she was welcomed into the plane's order of monks, pyromancers like herself. There Chandra learned how to channel her impulses and to control her gift.

Now Chandra travels the planes of the Multiverse in pursuit of new adventures away from responsibilities. Recently her thirst for adventure brought her to Zendikar, where she met other Planeswalkers—the mind mage, Jace Beleren, and the dragon speaker, Sarkhan Vol. But true to her mercurial desires and impulsive nature, Chandra is still searching for the new big adventures. As her wild inner fire encounters world after world of rules and restrictions, the results are sure to be explosive.
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