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Shirasawa Chitose

Shirasawa Chitose
Shirasawa Chitose
Original name
白澤 千歳

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Name: Chitose Shirasawa
Japanese Name: 白澤千歳 (しらさわちとせ)
Birthday: March 14th
Height: 149cm
3 size: B75cm W55cm H82cm
Age: 17
Blood type: A

-2nd year student
-wants to be a musician
-obsessed with being clean
-hates exercise and going outdoors
-researcher in the Solar Marine Crimson Force
-likes to sleep and taking afternoon naps
-often found sleeping in the Crimson Force Research lab
-has a sweet tooth, loves cakes and sweets
-frequent customer at Danny's Cafe
-extremely shy and reserved
-seems to be concerned about the size of her chest, especially around Mirai
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