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Irvine (アーヴァン) is a prominent archer in the new Band of the Hawks. He has never spoken to anyone on page but Sonia. His eyes have neither pupils nor irises. (His monstrously shaped bow has a demonic eye in the middle of its handguard.) A self-described hunter and loner, he prefers to camp out in the woods whilst indulging in his only known pleasure: playing the lute by the campfire. Irvine's precision with the bow is peerless. He is able to fire off several arrows simultaneously with unerring accuracy. The bow itself seems to funnel quite a bit of power into its arrows; foes hit at the neck find themselves headless. In his Apostle form his legs are replaced by a large wolf creature with horns and the same demonic eye as his bow and his body is now covered in fur and his face looks similar to that of a werewolf. In this new form he is able to remove and twist his tail hairs in to arrows and his horns can be used as a crossbow with string made from the horns. Once these arrows from his tail pierce the target they suddenly grow unusually large spikes with the shape of a root that perforate the target's body completely. He has formed a close bond with Sonia, who has taken to riding him as a mount during the final battle with Ganishka.

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