Fujimura Taiga
Fujimura Taiga
Nombre Original
藤村 大河




Itou Miki - Kadowaki Mai - Fate/Stay Night - Fujimura Taiga - Illyasviel von Einzbern - Character Song - Special - We Are Trouble (NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan)

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Fujimura Taiga (藤村 大河, Fujimura Taiga?) is an English teacher at Shirou's school, homeroom instructor of Shirou's class and the supervising teacher for the Archery Dojo. She is widely called "Tiger" (タイガー, Taigā?), a nickname she dislikes ("Taiga" and "Tiger" sound similar in Japanese), though Shirou refers to her as "Fuji-nee" (older sister Fuji). After Kiritsugu died, Taiga became Shirou's guardian and has been living with him for several years. Taiga and Shirou are very close, and she regards him as a younger brother.

Source : Type Moon Wiki
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