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Kuonji AliceKuonji Alice

Kuonji Alice
Kuonji Alice
Nombre Original
久遠寺 有珠




Namonashi - Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Kuonji Alice - Shizuki Soujuurou - Comics - Doujinshi - 16 - RE (Rubbish Senbetsutai)

Acerca de

A magus in hiding in the present. A witch. Lady of eternity. Solitary, restrained, and stubbornly protective of her pride; a girl left behind by time.

Not rich in emotion and sees the way of living of a magus as absolute. Everyday life is only being continued because witches "hide their identities to practice sorcery".

Friend of Aoko. To Aoko, her teacher and partner. ...But to Alice, Aoko is the same thing.

Source: Type Moon Wiki

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