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Neco-Arc is the most widely known version of Arcueid Brunestud. In Tsukihime, she is found "assisting" Ciel-sensei in giving the player information. She has a bigger role in Kagetsu Tohya where she fights Ciel in a boxing match. She also has a role in the upcoming "Neko-Arc: THE MOVIE". She appears in Melty Blood and claims to come from the garden of cats-nya~.
Now for the serious version
Neco-Arc is a simple parody of Arcueid. The name is written as "neco" because it is the romanization that has been used from the start by French Bread, even though the more used romanization of the Japanese word for "cat" should be "neko". She appears as playable character in Melty Blood, appears in Ciel's Lesson, and cameos in Kagetsu Tohya in one rather strange fight scene.
In Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Blue says that "Neko Arc is Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg work"

Neco-Arc makes a small, almost unnoticeable cameo in the Fate/Stay Night visual novel. In the Status section, under Caster, if one looks at Caster's Skills, on her first page (High-Speed Divine Language), Neco-Arc can be faintly seen at the bottom of the text box explaining the skill.
Neco-Arc makes appearances in the stop-motion extras at the start of the Kara no Kyoukai movies.
Neco-Arc is a playable character in the "Fate/Tiger Colosseum: Upper" for PSP.

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