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Ishida Masayuki - Mabinogi - Nao - Comics - Doujinshi - Toriaezu Ippatsu de (Delta Box)

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A beautiful girl in a black dress with intricate patterns. Her deep azure blue eyes remind everyone of an endless blue sea full of mystique. With her pale skin and her distinctively sublime silhouette, she seems as if she belongs in another world.

Nao 'lives,' as much as anyone can, in the Soul Stream. Her main task is to start travelers on their way in the world of Erinn.

With Premium Service, if the player logged in on the character's birthday (the character's original creation day - not necessarily Saturday, the age-up day), he or she would be teleported to the Soul Stream where Nao will give the player a random accessory. At this time, the player can ask Nao many questions about her and how to play the game, as well gift her an item for her to wear.

She also aids players through the Rebirth process for Humans, Elves, and Giants. For a Pet, Tin will appear in Nao's place.

During the April Fool's Event, when the player logs in, they will be warped to the Soul Stream and Ferghus will appear instead of Nao while doing a humorous rendition of her appearance and departure.
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