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Noda Junko - Ohba Mahito - One Piece - Smoker - Tashigi - Character Song - One Piece Island Song Collection  (No.08) - Single - Loguetown "Hajimari to Owari no Machi" (Avex Pictures)Noda Junko - One Piece - Tashigi - Drama CD - Nippon Oudan! 47 Cruise CD at Fukui Megane Goshi no Blue Sky (Avex)

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Tashigi is a Marine serving under Commodore Smoker.

She has chin-length, dark blue hair and dark brown eyes. She is known to look remarkably like Zoro's deceased friend Kuina.

Tashigi uses her katana, the Meitou Shigure. Not much is known about her fighting style other then she has a similar style to what Kuina used. Though nothing special compared to the higher skills levels of many swordsmen in One Piece, she is a highly competent fighter, capable of taking down multiple opponents in seconds. However, at the end of the Alabasta arc she had resolved to get stronger, and a proud Smoker told her subordinates that they could only wish they had her guts.

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