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Kivat-Bat the ThirdKivat-Bat the Third

Kivat-Bat the Third
Kivat-Bat the Third
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Kivat-bat the 3rd (キバットバットⅢ世) is the 3rd generation of the Kivat-bat Family (キバットバット家), distinguished among the Kivat Race (キバット族), possessing two heirlooms, the green Demon Imperial Stone (魔皇石) on the forehead and the Kivat Persona (キバットペルソナ) on the face. Called "Kivat" for short, he is a solid character with dry wit, tending to have a bitter attitude. He has a technique called Kivat Cutter (キバットカッター) with the Kivat Wings (キバットウイング) which are ornamented with Lucifer Gold (ルシファーゴールド). He formed a partnership with Wataru to give him the power of Kiva, infusing the Active Force (アクティブフォース) which is one of the Demon Imperial Powers (魔皇力) from the Active Fangs (アクティブファング) before attaching to the Kivat Belt (キバットベルト) to allow his human partner to transform by the Active Force, as well as blow the Fuestles to evoke their power. He likes Megumi because she reminds him of Amedeo Modigliani's masterpieces, particularly the man's works of long-necked women. Kivat also serves as a narrator of sorts, telling the viewer historical facts while scenes from the previous episode play in the background during the early episodes. In the later episodes, with Tatsulot, Kivat tells the viewer of current events during the 2008 storyline.

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