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Lal Mirch
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Inamura Yuuna - Suzuki Masami - Yoshida Hitomi - Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Lal Mirch - Miura Haru - Sasagawa Kyouko - CD - Single - Best Friend! (Pony Canyon)Akesaka Satomi - Chang Li-mei - Ichinose Hidekazu - Iida Toshinobu - Inamura Yuuna - Inoue Suguru - Kiuchi Hidenobu - Kokubun Yukari - Kondou Takashi - Neeko - Suzuki Masami - Takeuchi Junko - Yoshida Hitomi - Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Chrome Dokuro - Gokudera Hayato - Hibari Kyouya - I-Pin - Lal Mirch - Lambo - Miura Haru - Reborn - Rokudou Mukuro - Sasagawa Kyouko - Sasagawa Ryouhei - Sawada Tsunayoshi - Yamamoto Takeshi - Compilation - Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Charason Single Series Dai 2 Dan - Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Koushiki Charason SINGLE Daizenshuu 2 (Pony Canyon)

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Lal Mirch is the holder of a corrupted pacifier. She is a female member of the Arcobaleno who states that she cannot live up to the Arcobaleno name, considering herself to be one of its weakest members. This is due to her curse being incomplete after Colonnello, her former subordinate in the COMSUBIN, attempted to take her place. Her incomplete transformation clouded her pacifier, and caused her original rain energy to change into both the mist and cloud energies, as well as causing the scars on her face. Also, if she does not use her Arcobaleno powers, her curse would gradually disappear, which is why she eventually becomes an adult again. However, upon using her Arcobaleno powers in the future, her pacifier glows blue, and she states that her pacifier was supposed to be the blue pacifier that Colonnello attained. She is also part of the Vongola's CEDEF, or Outside Advisors. According to Reborn, she shows her emotions easily and is very readable. She is voiced by Masami Suzuki in the anime.

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