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Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.


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Kouya no Gizoku
Desert Picaroon




Queen's Blade - Risty - Kouya no Gizoku Risty (Hobby Japan)Aratamaru - Queen's Blade - Nanael - Risty - Doujinshi - NightHead QB (Circle Taihei-Tengoku)Jyubaori Masyumaro - Queen's Blade - Risty - Menace - Comics - Doujinshi - Kusari Vol.2 (Escargot Club)

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Risty is a thief sporting fur-lined armor and has thick, tangled red hair. She has a Robin Hood personality, and is quite greedy at times when it comes to money; the reason why she steals is that she supports a shelter for children orphaned by war, as she was once orphaned herself when she lost her family to a dispute between nobles. She hopes to win the Queen's Blade tournament to help aid the orphans. She aids Leina early in her journey in the anime adaptation by stealing the Vance Family arms and armor that once belonged to Leina's mother and giving it to her. She is armed with a morning star and has a wooden shield mounted on her left arm.

In Queen's Blade Rebellion following her loss to Leina in the semifinals, Risty returns to the forest to resume her training. This resulted in her muscle strength being increased to the point where she discards her mace for hand-to-hand combat. Following Queen Claudette's reign of terror on the Continent, she founded the Rebel Army, funded by the distribution of dark magic stones. However, she was captured by the Queen's Army after the Swamp Witch cast an "indomitable curse" that made her unable to eat or sleep during a "Beautful Fighter Hunt". Although she has been weakened after a long stay in prison, her fighting strength still remains. Her "organizational capacity" will fulfill an important role to Annelotte.
Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.

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