Shin Seiki Evangelion ANIMAShin Seiki Evangelion ANIMA

Shin Seiki Evangelion ANIMA
Shin Seiki Evangelion ANIMA
Nombre Original
新世紀エヴァンゲリオン [3 Years After] -ANIMA-
también conocido como
Neon Genesis EVANGELION [3 Years After] -ANIMA-




Acerca de

Neon Genesis EVANGELION [3 Years After] -ANIMA- (often simply shortened as Neon Genesis Evangelion -ANIMA- or Evangelion -ANIMA-) is a light novel that was serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine from 2008-2013. It is set in an alternate future of the Evangelion world in which the Human Instrumentality Project, seen in episodes 25 and 26 of the anime never happened (along with some plot changes such as Kaji not getting shot or Unit-00 being not completely destroyed).
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