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Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Dino - Deformed Hitman REBORN! #3 (Yujin)Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Dino - Deformed Hitman REBORN! #3 (Yujin)



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Dino is the 22-year-old 10th Boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia (キャバッロネファミリー, which is the number three Family in its Mafia alliance with the Vongola Family and is one of the largest families with 5,000 members. Dino is a young man with great leadership skills, along with great combat skills. His main Weapons are a bullwhip and his pet turtle, Enzo. Like Tsuna, Dino, at first did not want anything to do with the Mafia and was also a klutz. He became a suitable Mafia Boss after Reborn became his home tutor. He came to be known as "Bucking-Horse Dino" (跳ね馬ディーノ) or "Bronco Dino" in Viz's translation) and fixed the Chiavarone's financial problems, turning them into the third most influential Family. Unfortunately, Dino is so devoted to his Family that when none of his Family Members are around, his skills decrease dramatically, and he will often accidentally hit people with his Whip and fall down the stairs.

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