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Leticia la mew SymphoniaLeticia la mew Symphonia

Leticia la mew Symphonia
Leticia la mew Symphonia
Nombre Original
también conocido como
Leticia Apple


Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ - Leticia la mew Symphonia - 1/7 (Iousen)Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ - Leticia la mew Symphonia - 1/6 (Iousen)


Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ - Diana Peschka Holly Eryngii - Leticia la mew Symphonia - Telephone Card (AUGUST, Gamers)August Fan Box - Binary Pot - Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ - Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni: Operation Sanctuary - Amagasaki Mikoto - Hanei Yuki - Leticia la mew Symphonia - Telephone Card - August Telephone Card 2004 Autumn (AUGUST)Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ - Leticia la mew Symphonia - Telephone Card - Comic Market 2002 Winter (AUGUST)


Acerca de

Height: 152 cm
Measurements: B78 / W55 / H78
Voice Actress: Kanon Torii

The game's main heroine. The Princess of Symphonia Kingdom, she lived a sheltered life at the castle, but having a curious and carefree personality, she found it harder and harder to continue living as such, so one day she slipped out of the castle in order to see the outside world and witness the lives of the common people.

She meets Cliff who has just come back to Symphonia, and he helps her fleeing from the soldiers pursing her, and find an accommodation at the Rolling Apple. She takes the fake name "Apple" when she's asked of her name and see the big apple tree in the Rolling Apple's garden, but her real
identity is soon discovered as, in the next evening, she sings for the customers of Rolling Apple in duet with Cliff, and Eleanor, her bodyguard, notices her singing voice and finds her. After a few discussions, Leticia's
father, the kind King Worsel, lets her stay and work at the Rolling Apple for a few weeks, as a training for her future role as the Queen of the Kingdom.

A kind, curious girl full of energy, but also a bit clumsy; Cliff affectionately nicknames her "the bubbling princess" (Otenba na Hime), which sums her up rather well. Due to having always lived in the castle, she doesn't know much of the common people's customs and thus tends to be very gullible, but she's eager to learn and is a quick learner. She also has a wonderful singing voice, that attracts and move people who hear it.
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