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Berserk - Wyald - 1/35 - Apostle (Headlong)Berserk - Zodd - Wyald - 1/10 - Exclusive I Exclusive II (Art of War)Berserk - Wyald - Mini Berserk Volume V (Art of War)Berserk - Wyald - 1/10 (Art of War)



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Wyald (ワイアルド) was the leader of the Black Dog Knights, a battalion composed of criminals which is the most brutal and savage force in Midland. His apostle form was a massive cyclops-like creature. Wyald was charged by the King of Midland to hunt down Griffith and his rescuers, the Band of the Hawk. Badly injured by Guts, he believed that his death could be averted if Griffith could be persuaded to use the crimson behelit to summon the God Hand; however, the king's torturer had taken it and thrown it away. Soon after, Wyald is killed by Zodd, and it is subsequently revealed he was a frail old man before he became an apostle. In the anime, he does not appear (the entire volume devoted to his battles removed or shortened for explicit content), but some of his lines are given to a human character who leads an attack on Griffith's rescue team and Corkus' relief corps.

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