where my boy Stark?
Ok now where tf is Bea?
This looks dope.
This looks dope.

x.com/First4Fig... or www.instagram.c...

^ Here's the latest sneak-peaks! A YouTube video and a front-view of her
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TheAntagonist1 hora antes#129194311Look at those little hands :‘)

They're absolutely adorable!!
Seems like you will need some ahesive to put the bra back on, but it's a clean take off. Very nice.
Her head was so frustrating to put on. But then I used a blow dryer and pushed one little strand of hair that was in the way of the neck back a bit and then it went in very easily actually. It's upsetting for such an absurdly expensive figure but she really is very pretty. Still not sure about over $1k for her though...
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