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    Delayed? Release date now says August.
  • darkfader submitted a comment on [Ítem #894635] Shounen Jeanne - Jeanne-kun (B'full)1 minuto antes
    So. I guess the colors are a bit lighter now?
  • darkfader submitted a comment on [Ítem #894635] Shounen Jeanne - Jeanne-kun (B'full)5 minutos antes
    Any new good photos would be helpful.
  • darkfader submitted a comment on [Imagen #2443031] 20200209_142534-.jpg6 minutos antes
    Man. Again with terrible lighting. Hard to judge the color change from this photo. The blue color seem to be too light now?
    Hoping this means there might be one or two more in the pipeline too...Seven scale to go with her pls!
    I'm getting him regardless, but his GSC/Medicos Shop bonus is extremely disappointing twitter.com/med.... These pose parts should have come by default, not as an exclusive bonus.
    Looking to buy her in EU pls pm me ❤️
  • pasteliea submitted a comment on [Usuario #76253] gay20 minutos antes
    ur welcome!! and tysm, the manga has gotten rlly good so u def should :D u have such a nice collection btw im jealous :0
    ddarkohace 2 días#78220380I do feel that Air Canada should likely change that policy. It does feel quiet drastic to think of no international travel till December. Then again, these are unprecedented times.
    The EMS option is still available to Canada. However, I think Amazon JP usually has a price much less than the regular EMS to ship here. They probably have a standard supply chain that allows them to do that. I presume that it got disrupted due to the shutting of regular air travel between countries. So now they probably use DHL. Although, there was this one time about a year ago that I had an order come in from Amazon JP using DHL for the regular AJP shipping price (arrived next day after I placed order too, which was quiet amazing). So there probably is a little bit of DHL jacking up their prices knowing they are in high demand now.
    Yea, no kidding! Our parks are overflowing here. The mayor had to step in to stop people from being so reckless with the soft reopening. We even had a couple of spikes in our Covid cases, but people just don't seem to care anymore. I have heard some people say stuff like they would rather die than miss the summer events. But when you think about it, if they die now, they miss all the summer events in the upcoming years lol.
    It makes sense about your sisters choice. I am sure it is not easy to reschedule a wedding. Your sister must be really sad about it for sure. Still, she can have a celebration later when things calm down. Was she refunded by the venues she booked to celebrate the wedding?
    In regards to the job hunting, I did save up a bit when I worked before I started my doctorate to sort of use for some traveling and relaxing after I complete the degree. However, given the situation, it is very unlikely that we will be doing any travelling anyway haha. So I should be OK, hopefully, for a little while until I find a job. That is why I would ideally like to finish in December now, so that the economy would have had sometime to recover by then. Thank you for your kind wishes as well. I am sure whatever happens, it will work out for the best.
    I still didn't get a chance to try the "quick dunk" because things were a bit busy over the weekend. I will hopefully get sometime this week to to do it. Thank you so much, yea, I have been hunting for the figure for quiet awhile. It is always around 35K-45K on Madarake, and the shipping is high because of the larger size. So I was super happy when I found her for that price. I will share some pics when I finally get her all cleaned up :)!
    Oh, Alberta is one of the richest provinces in Canada. They are having bit of a tough time now because of the pipeline issue in Canada. There were even talks that Alberta might separate from Canada after the last election because of the tensions with the federal government. Definitely true about working in the US from what I hear. The visas can be a troublesome issue. The funny thing is, almost 80% of my undergraduate class moved to the US for work. The pay is very good, and the taxes are much less compared to what we pay in Canada. Still, Canada does feel like a better place to raise a family. Things can be quiet problematic in the US when things go wrong like a health emergency.
    Now that you mention it, moving to Finland is indeed quiet far though within the EU. Is Finland colder than Netherlands, being up north?
    Well, I presume you can easily transition the skills from cosplay to something like making clothing if you wanted to. Then you can avoid the glues and paints haha. Still, I must admit that the level of dedication, planing and skill required to complete these projects are quiet impressive.
    Oh, haha yes it is a reference to the movie Donnie Darko! I liked the movie back in high school when I first saw it on TV, and the name stuck with me :) Where is the name Maakie from?

    I seriously have no clue what to expect. Some people think it will partially solve itself, other people say nothing is safe until there is a vaccine... If the last group is right, there is no vaccine expected until 2021.

    Ugh those kind of people are the reason I am probably not able to go on vacation on the end of the year and also not visit my sister her wedding in the autumn. >:( The people pushing for re-opening and/or going out without a care really only think about the 'now' and not about the future.

    Well, right now she still has everything booked, hoping that the celebrations can still take place. It's only been a short while since the re-opening, so there are no clear numbers there yet.

    Sounds good, looking forward to those pictures! :)

    It is? For some reason I always thought it was Quebec area instead. Do you know of it is easier from someone from Canada to (temporarily) work in the USA than if you were from Europe/Asia?

    Yes, the northern part of Europe is known for being the coldest parts. On the average day, the temperature here is 5-15 degrees lower than where I'm from. It was actually one of the reasons why I held back to moving here when we had an earlier chance ~6 years ago.

    Well, making clothing is quite tedious. I've made some pieces for personal wear, but I find working on clothes alone a lot less fun than all the work on fake weapons, armor, wig styling and other things I can do when working on a full cosplay project. :) If I would retire from cosplaying, I would stick to mainly painting Garage and Model Kits from then on, I think.

    Okay, long story. :P So, my parents gave me a hard-to-pronounce name which has basically haunted me since a young age. When I was about 10 years old I visited a zoo and they had a new animal type: ringed tail lemurs! I've never heard of them, and they were described to me as 'some kind of monkey'. As most of my monkey-related reference was chimpanzees and the like, I wasn't expecting to see these ADORABLE FURRY ANIMALS WITH LONG AND ELEGANT TAILS. It was love at first sight. I had never seen an animal like it before. Then in Dutch, lemur = maki. 'Maki' is a way my complicated name can be shortened to as well, so boom! From that day on I started demanding people to call me 'maki', haha! And it actually caught on as my real name is so complicated, everyone started preferring this (including family). Now, the reason for the misspelling...I was young and didn't realize I was spelling it wrong for 2 years! When I finally found out, I had been using 'Maakie' so much, that I just stuck to it, it also makes the name more unique while keeping the pronunciation the same. Nowadays I only use my real name if it's for some kind of official document and I really use Maakie as my first name.
    What a pleasant surprise.
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