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    Awesome photo! Really like the unique twist to Jibril.
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    dalao!Tailu (38 minutos antes) #27379797dalao我来了
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    bowe (3 horas antes) #27376402That's a really good deal but how are they earning any revenue?? It's beginning to sound like they're just trying to stay afloat with all these deals... Worrying, what with the amount of preorders and stacked up TOM points I have there.

    I think the stuff they sell at their non-premium prices and sometimes overcharged shipping makes up for it. Deals like this one won't let you use your points, so the 'cashbacks' keep you coming back to shop.

    PlatoG (11 horas antes) #27363126How the 30 % off works?
    I didn't hear any news like that.

    It's a targeted email. The offer expires on Oct 19 11:59pm PDT.
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    bomhat submitted a blog post
    cheap photography set up??
    16 minutos antesAsk MFC
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    BloodFlower (15 horas antes) #27354371Got the prices from here:
    HMO stated themselves the prices in USD.

    Ah, they added the prices to the post later after I'd seen it, so I missed them. And odd they do the prices in dollars, but I can understand the logic. Nice to know how much I need to consider spending on this now.
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    victorviper (51 minutos antes) #27379543This is one of those items that I could believe would exist but I never would have known that it actually existed if not for this article.
    I can see that the music box would be a neat centerpiece for a Sakura-themed shelf. I'm a little curious now what the box art looked like, and I was a little surprised that whoever you bought the music box from apparently discarded the package. Then again, I guess CCS is a mainstream enough anime that someone other than a hard-core collector could have been the previous owner of the item :).
    I had a hard time initially recognizing the music until the "catch you catch you catch me catch me matte" part started. It occurs to me that song has a lot of long sustained notes, and so duplicating that on a mechanical music box would be kind of tough.

    Yes, this item quite fits the frame of cutesy items from the late 90's that you could expect a magical girls' series to have. :) I also did not know of the existence of this item until I found it on auction. The music box was indeed one of my centerpieces on a shelf where I mainly displayed CCS trading figures. :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if the box would be a boring brown box with a sticker slapped on with the name of the series and song (considering the bottom of this music box also only having some stickers). Pictures I found online of other Lady-Mate music boxes showed simple cardboard packages with a really small see-through window (example: www.google.nl/i... ). I Think the box wasn't very interesting or provided much safety for the item, but I'm also very curious to find out what the box was like from this item.

    The 'catch you catch me matte' part is the easiest recognizable, some alterations were probably made for this song to be music-box-able (I am absolutely not an expert on this, haha)! I wonder if other Lady-Mate anime music boxes also have such short samples.
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    Nodanoshi submitted a comment on [Usuario #11154] Reichi
    С днём рождения! :) Плюшек и позитива тебе :)
    Завтра! :)))))
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    Happy Birthday ^^!
  • 25 minutos antes
    Holy hell, what an amazing loot! My heart went badump badump while going through your loot, like there's so MANY STUFF that I want~

    I went to Osaka last month and MHA popularity there is no joke, like their stuff mostly sold out in Animate or any other stores. What little I could find cost like $5965356837, which I can't afford anyway. I managed to grab the Halloween folders that Animate and some acrylic standees at Animate Cafe though, so I guess that's good.