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    It depends on what you're willing to spend. I got a good deal on this:


    It's a little more on the pricey side but you can rest easy and accommodates any scale from 1/8 to 1/4. The only downside is that the shelves aren't adjustable.


    The price varies. I've seen it drop by 50% on some occasions.
    23 minutos antes
    Interesting idea that I've thought of on more than one occassion. The problem with that is that it's a wild card on whether the figure price will increase or bin in the future. Of course, there's always the chance that it will stay the same but that would mean you would have a lot of competition with other sellers, stores, etc.

    All in all, I guess if you don't have magical see into the future powers to see how well a certain figure does in the aftermarket, you would wind up with around the same amount you had before but rounded up or down a few dollars. Not completely worth it in my own opinion, but I'm not one to resell just to offset my prices haha.

    People can always try to predict whether a figure will rise or fall based on chara, series, manufacturer, etc. but it'll never be completely accurate and there's always a chance of ending up with less than expected (of course, that could go completely the opposite way and you could hit the jackpot with a rare/limited fig lol). Maybe it'd be a bit different with higher end statues or something of the like? Not too sure, but those are my thoughts on the topic! Apologies for the essay :p
    33 minutos antes
    I've thought of doing this before, but it's just so incredibly hard to judge the aftermarket and then you can get screwed by a re-release if you were planning on selling something for a high price. I think I've gotten pretty decent at predicting aftermarket (though certainly not perfect or with any guarantee!) ... but then there's also the upfront cost that may or may not be recouped right away. Even if a figure is rare and expensive, it still may take weeks, months, or even loner for a willing buyer to come along.

    When it comes down to it, there are just way too many figures I want to buy for me to mess too much with aftermarket gambling.

    As for making a few extra bucks - beyond selling from your collection, checking out the "beer money" reddit can give some options for beer figure money if you're so inclined :)

    Edited to add - also, plenty of figures initially bin only to skyrocket later ... some figures take years to skyrocket in value while others will have a short period of high value and then go down again (even without a re-release).
    38 minutos antes
    +1 to following the instructions - the metal bars go a certain way, so they hold the glass properly. If you have them facing outwards, the glass can slip out.

    I have a heffalump of a husband, and my detolfs have been fine. If he gets a little overly rambunctious, less stable stuff may fall over (e.g. action figure without stand), but stuff like scales and figures with stands should be just fine. So unless you have someone actually running into your detolfs, they should be fine.
    48 minutos antes
    Marshmallowpie (5 horas antes) #54673559Fun to see a more forgotten figure like this. I used to really like POP's art, but this figure is new to me.

    This is definitely one of the more obscure items in my collection, and one that you don't see every day to be sure.

    One fun thing about this hobby is discovering these sorts of unknown items from favorite series/artists!

    Also, I added a poll since your comment. If you like, cast your vote!
    1 hora antes
    I say as long as you dont keep touching it and there is no earthquake you have 0 issue. It wobble if you miss place your side glass and back glass differently or put wrong position of rubber that combine those 3 glasses. As long as you put it in right position it only wobble very slightly to point it does not affect anything when opening and closing. Main issue is the base glass as it wobble a a lot when moving or cleaning as the base of each stage is basically a glass put on top of two thin rod with only rubber in between not to mention it does not fit perfectly. I would not worry about issue though as it is only problem during cleaning or first setup. As long as on one hits the case like a child or pet, you shouldn't worry about it. I guess you get what you get for a that cheap price XD

    But I can guarantee that it will wobble every time you touch it directly but not to point where you have to worry about breaking it or figures. I used to move it with figures full in-tact around the house as I like to change position of furniture and had no issue (I move very careful though).
    2 horas antes
    why not just the get billy bookcase? thats easily the 2nd most popular display cabinet people use for figures here. just add a glass door and then you can add more shelves and adjust them unlike glass cabinets. i use the morliden door picture/2096978...
    3 horas antes
    The reason why so many figure collectors use it is because it's cheap and it does the job. It's nothing out of this world quality wise and I wouldn't recommend testing it's limits but as long as you treat it with as much care as you hopefully treat all of your other furniture then you shouldn't have any issues.

    My detolf door actually fell once but that was because I didn't assemble it correctly. Make sure you put the plastic thingy that holds the glass walls together in the back correctly. It's really easy to miss but there's a longer and a shorter end of the plastic. Until I changed it my detolf would always make noise everytime I walked by and didn't seem all that stable but since I reassembled it that problem has been fixed. The glass door didn't break despite free falling to my carpet.
    4 horas antes
    NijiiroRanka (6 horas antes) #54662031Is it me or I can't see the pictures :/

    I guess the links must've expired, I'll re-upload them for you.
    5 horas antes
    Fun to see a more forgotten figure like this. I used to really like POP's art, but this figure is new to me.
    5 horas antes
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