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    Imuya (hace 1 día) #45374466> Trying to buy items from Japan internationally containing batteries.
    > Surprised when the item is flagged and the piece containing the battery was removed.
    Uhm. For future reference, do not buy things with batteries in them, there is a very high chance of it getting picked up in scanning and things removed because you can't send LI batteries out of the country.
    It's also the same for most countries actually. I know in the UK, you can't send them in the post unless it's a courier that's approved to carry them (as is the case with certain chemicals and paints)

    dude really just greentexted on mfc huh
    hace 1 día
    > says they don't care
    > still replying to comments
    > trying to be flippant about the situation by saying they don't care but continuously keep coming back to rag on the members and the site while still on the actual site
    > "entitled sensitive brats if you don't like how rude I am then go away"
    > "why am I getting downvoted?1!?!1?"
    > cool.jpg

    wow was I too mean lol
    21 horas antes
    Remember, remember
    the 9th of November
    when R_Dorothy's package was lost
    I see no reason
    Even in Christmas season
    Why she must pay all the cost

    It is possible that the package was stolen. It is more likely that it is simply lost in some corner of the mailing system, perhaps at the bottom of some bin that someone thought was empty and pushed into a storage room.

    Even if it was tracked to your state, if it wasn't tracked to your local delivery office, there's not much that you can do to help find it. All you can do is submit an insurance claim, or have the sending party submit the claim on their end (I'm not sure which party, or both, have to start the insurance claim process).
    14 horas antes
    Poof, just like Genie usually does! This surprise was fitting for his character and I LOVE THAT.
    hace 1 día
    Imuya (hace 1 día) #45374466
    Can we like, stop with the petty shit?
    Can you stop being a condescending arse?
    hace 1 día
    Imuya (hace 1 día) #45386872Whatever that even means.
    I've always been of the assumption that batteries are a no go, See: portable battery packs being confiscated.
    When I have tried to send items with batteries before, the postal service here has thrown a shitfit and told me they have to be removed. So if y'all want to be asshats and downvote my comment that's based on an actual experience with the post office then carry on. Not the first time this site has shit on legitimate advice because no one likes being told to read the manual.
    Some people at the post office and customs, also don't know what they're actually doing with restricted items and will umbrella all batteries regardless of what their containment is.

    Literally all I said was "dude just greentexted on mfc huh," idk not that hard to understand

    Where in that statement did you assume I wanted you to elaborate?? (I didn't, btw)

    Also people didn't downvote you because of that. They downvoted you because, spoiler alert, you kiiinda sounded like an asshole.
    hace 1 día
    Imuya (21 horas antes) #45462414Because I'm "not down with the cool kids" or something. I use them as bullet points. This whole garbage routine is why I remember I barely use any kind of social platform. Sorry I don't have time or patience for the first world problems. I offered some scope, regardless of the way it was worded and how the post office can be a pain in the arse, but all I've had is downvotes and reports, despite admitting previously to my initial comment being poorly worded.
    This one will probably also suffer the same fate, which again proves my point that people here are too sensitive.

    I wouldn't be surprised since you said "And oh, I sound like an asshole? Too bad." Not exactly a very nice thing to say regardless of how helpful you think you were

    are you subscribed to this thread just to reply to the comments
    just wondering
    21 horas antes
    I'd say it's stolen because EMS being priority packages it's very unlikely it just got lost. Someone took it and sits on it.

    Hopefully you'll find the bastard. And your package ._.
    12 horas antes
    Uploaded photos and here are my thoughts on this figure.

    Long version:

    Well,where to start? It definitely was packed nicely, but the material is SO goddamn brittle. Two tips of her hair broke in box, but it isn't that noticeable (Going to paint over the broken ends). She weighs as much as an empty soda bottle and can be easily knocked over like one, no exaggeration. Like others have said, the base absolutely does not hold her in place and she is top heavy. I ended up using a glue gun to secure her to it.

    About the paint job, the only thing that looks like it has paint is her hair and it is sega-prize-figure-tier quality. The face paint are probably printed decals applied with heat with a touch of gloss on the lips and painted to show separation.

    They sanded some parts of the figure and left other parts untouched. The markings from the sand paper are very apparent, probably explains the dusty feeling all over the figure. That probably also means they didn't spend extra money to use flat clear coating on her either; doesn't look like it.

    Most of the 3D lines aren't noticeable from like 3 feet, but others can stand out no matter how far you are standing. Like the back of one of her arms; the 3D lines are terrible.

    The painting on her boobs aren't that bad and they didn't maul them with sand paper. However, johnny donuts at the factory put a large scratch on one of them. I believe it to be human error because other photos either had none or are placed differently. Like, those boobs are the hallmark of this figure and should be 11 out of 10 perfect before shipping out. The fact that someone looked at all those scratch marks and gave it the okay tells me they have very LOW quality standards.

    Overall the figure is pretty cute, and passable. I like it, but when you factor in price it is like you paid for a 100+ USD prize figure, except the prize figure wouldn't shatter into a million pieces if you dropped it. 3D printing tech could be ready, but the methods lack quality control at different stages. Like, how do you control the sanding process? Painting becomes an issue too since the body was mostly one piece (They solved that by not painting jack shit and having the material the right color). What pisses me off the most is the quality control. The company is ultimately responsible for final QA and some of this shit shouldn't have shipped out in the state they were. Also, 100+ USD and I can't get a touch of Mr.Hobby Top Coat? Insight, you fucking cheap bastards. Everything about this screams to me that they wanted the most money for the least amount of effort and they got my money. Probably the last time too.

    Summary: 7/10 It's not bad, Anubis is pretty cute and the sculpt is nice. Just don't look too closely. I absolutely recommend that if you want a figure from them, DO NOT PRE-ORDER. Wait to see how the final product is, get it after market and to never pay full price.

    10 out of 10 Design and sculpt.
    7 out of 10 paint job.
    0 out of 10 material.
    0 out of 10 pounds.
    10 out of 1000 grit sand paper.
    1 out of 2 boobs
    hace 1 día
    did this person just greentext then say they don't know what greentexting even is lmfao

    anyways I'm not an expert with postal things but I hope things work out for OP
    22 horas antes
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