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    CrimsonPumpkin (hace 21 días) #39522089I finally got him (well, them since I ordered 2) and he's perfection! He's so precious so adorable!! I can't get tired of looking at him or smiling when I see his winking face! I am so happy we got this version of Oikawa since he's my fave boy in HQ also because I sent so many requests and even the illustration so I'm pretty satisfied. I think I'll make the glasses myself and probably the bag.
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4325/36133192535_61295a8ff3_o.jpg
    I really hope we get a re-release of Iwa-chan!! :'(

    You can use ITEM #604384 ‘s glasses on him — I think his glasses look the closest to the one Oikawa wears (besides the color)!
    Also that illustration is so cute! I hope they release school uniform Iwaizumi too ;w;
    39 minutos antes
    Jaou (13 horas antes) #40604927I get that being subtle is needed especially if you have a job/company that isn't really cool with being too flashy! Yeah some stuff is suuuuper expensive... ITEM #480064 I wanted this skirt to match the polo shirt I have ordered but 21k yen for a damn skirt is a bit too much for me also I fear that if I would end up ordering it that it's too short on me... being tall is rough
    The watches from anime collabs always look really neat and subtle but yeah they are pricey at release but also even more in the after market... sadly! I hope you will find them eventually :)
    Also... what would be the best way to display a shirt? like put it over a pillow?

    Ahh the skirt is so cute! But 21k yen is way over the price point of what I'd pay too.

    hmm for me I really like the idea of displaying a shirt in a picture frame. It kind of makes it look like a cool print haha.
    39 minutos antes
    aurybq (hace 1 día) #40589961Ahhh I love Daiya no Ace!!! I miss it so much! great loot, thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for commenting! I haven't started on the Daiya no Ace sequel, but I plan on it soon haha.
    42 minutos antes
    Is it just me o this figure is for sale within Japan only?
    Mine got canceled because I'm overseas Dx
    49 minutos antes
    Hmm, I preordered before the scale wan announced, but this will definitely tide me over till then. Alternatively, I could just collect all the shotos and make a mini shrine!
    54 minutos antes
    Don't Worry, for I my figure AM HERE!
    58 minutos antes
    View spoilerHide spoilerSchwi (2 horas antes) #40624935It's too bad for pretty much EVERYONE who doesn't have any interest in either of these two characters. And last I check, Phat Company actually does have a couple Saber of Red figures... just saying!
    Delays don't equate to a more polished figure, as I've witnessed firsthand with Phat Company's Shiro. Go over on that page and look for my brother's posts about it, his name is Trihawk. She was delayed by 3 months, and it was not justified one bit. Delays happen when a company takes on too many projects, and can't meet the demand of a figure in their previously given amount of time. When a delay happens, it has no effect on the figures that are already done, and sitting there in boxes waiting for the rest to get finished before shipping out to wholesalers/customers. Delays are more like extended manufacturing time, because they weren't able to meet their deadline from working on too many projects at once.
    Think of it like this: I'm a company who can produce 30 figures a day, and I have 30 figures scheduled to release in a month. But I need 150 of each figure. I could make 1 of each figure a day for the entire month and delay all of them for the next 5 months until I can make 150 of them, or I can make 30 of one one figure a day, for 5 days straight, and make 150 of them. Woohoo, that's one figure ready to release! If I did the same thing for the remainder of the month, that amounts to a total of 6 figures I'll have ready to release by the end of the month, and then I'll have to delay the remaining 24. Rinse and repeat. Oh, but sorry, 4 of the 6 I released were all Miku and Saber figures... sorry everybody else who wanted something different for a change, I wasted almost all my resources making 4 more figures of characters we already have a million figures of anyway. My bad! Now, if I only had 5 projects every month, and were able to manufacture figures at the same rate as the previous example, I'd be able to release all of my announced figures every single month without any problem. That is what delays boil down to, certain figures taking priority over other figures on a company's release schedule. It really has nothing to do with quality control. And there's only two solutions to the current delay issues we've been dealing with. Either A. These companies need to open up more factories to take care of their extensive workload in a manner that can keep up with demand, or B. Stop making so many figures of rehashed characters that we already have way too many of in the first place, and make figures of characters that NEED them, in turn reducing the workload to manageable levels again. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this site sick of seeing the figures they want being delayed in lieu of yet another Miku or Saber figure.
    Rant over.

    You like to spend a lot of time thinking about useless things.

    "Few Saber figures" yes literally few. Won't affect anything.

    Even with additional delays, there always going to be few figures with flaws. One more thing that should be obvious.
    My Shiro from Phat, was flawless.
    You, or your brother, or whoever else, had just bad luck.
    (don't really care, so I won't waste time looking through comments)

    Delays, because there were to many orders, or to improve something.
    It doesn't matter.
    It won't change the fact that, you should already get used to it.
    In these times, it's surprising when figure gets released on time.
    You have serious issues with patience.
    Always add few months to the release date.

    Sure, of course there are people who are annoyed that there will be another figure of Miku or Saber.
    But this is minority.
    Most people are either happy, or simply don't care, and move along.

    I for example, don't have a single figure of Saber, and I really don't care if she'll have 1, 10 or 100 more figures.

    Sorry, but you sound like a butthurt kid, who just wants to complain.
    No reasonable arguments, just gibberish.
    People are ordering every single Miku/Saber figures, so there will be more. Simple as that.

    You can't change it, so clench your bottom, and get used to it.

    If you want to complain about something, then complain about prices. That's the real issue.
    Whining about delays, is one of the most useless things, you can do.
    Stop wasting space in the comments, because like I said, it's pointless.
    You already stated your frustration, now move along.
    1 hora antes
    Loved it when I saw it on Instagram and love it here, too. Amazing photo
    1 hora antes
    kevinlowl (hace 18 días) #39649381i haven't watched this anime, is this girl a thot?
    All women are Queens, including Uraraka
    1 hora antes
    I already preorded the prize back when it was the only option, there's no cancelling now though so i'll be content with him till this is released and then try and sell it I reckon!
    1 hora antes
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