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  • Sheryl-B submitted a comment on [Usuario #7145] blackducan

    Juste pour savoir si tu pouvais me laisser un petit com' ou envoyer un petit mail car je me fais du souci, j'ai l'impression que ça fait une éternité que j'ai pas eu de nouvelles. :(

    Merci!! :*
    2 minutos antes
    Veroxion (hace 1 año) #27693603It's because when we've known a character for 10~ years and want an accurate representation of her, yet companies sculpt her like she belongs on the cover of a 18+ doujin, we get annoyed. We are allowed to dislike how a figure looks, especially when this hobby is so expensive.
    I see your point. Lately a lot of people have been discussing the negative over the positive, but that's because as time goes on, our expectations are raised and more experienced collectors are no longer satisfied with how certain figures are presented.
    Personally, I am over the balloon tits slapped onto almost every single female figure ever. I am over companies sexualizing women that do NOT need to be sexualized. I am over companies putting in the minimum amount of effort required because they don't care about staying true to the character, they just want money.
    Also yes, boobs CAN be too big. Especially when you increase the cup size for no other reason other than 'heh, big tiddy'.


    Quit being a prude.
    4 minutos antes
    You should be careful asking for your money back. The customs official probably took a look and knew that Mandarake is a business and NOT an individual sending gifts. They have a right to assess you duties if they believe that the item is not labeled correctly.
    Remember that marking it as a "gift" does NOT render it a gift. The government will consider it as a sale, and to be truthful, it is a sale for all intents and purposes.

    They might ask you for the actual invoice in case you want to dispute the charge. I'm going to guess that the item is over 2500 yen, so you might even end up paying more if you lose the dispute.

    In any case, remember that it's technically illegal to undervalue. If you're asking MFC how to get your "gift" packages from stores through customs, that's (in a weird sense) asking them to teach you tax evasion =/ .

    Every parcel that's sent to the UK has a chance to get inspected and assessed duties, regardless of its value or whether it's marked as a gift or not. That's up to the discretion of the customs agent.
    8 minutos antes
    selling mine used very good world wide shipping pm me for details.
    11 minutos antes
    Gift is only applicable when it is sent by a person. Not a company named Mandarake Inc. Don't jink your luck with customs.
    13 minutos antes
  • Minzia submitted a comment on [Usuario #98690] Sayakawaii
    16 minutos antes
    Shibarinya (hace 3 días) #45365699what a lovely collection you have!

    Thank you very much!
    19 minutos antes
    I've bought all three current figures from this line and they are pretty good, especially for the price. Gimme a teen Gohan and Piccolo and I'm all set.
    20 minutos antes
    yeah anything above £15 gets charged but if it was marked as gift you shouldn't have got charged tbh, but maybe they assumed from the box it wasn't actually a gift and you just wanted to avoid the fee. though i do this all the time and im yet to get charged so..
    definitely worth a try filing a claim to get the customs fee back since you have the invoice that says it was marked as a gift
    22 minutos antes
  • Auri submitted a comment on [Imagen #2113586] CCS Collection
    Now I really want Yue for my collection. Though I can't afford it sadly...
    22 minutos antes
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