1 minuto antesLyncfsLyncfs
Very interesting to see all your adventures! I'm not particularly into BL but I do love Adekan by Nao Tsukiji which seems to be light BL and it's introducing me to that world! All the clear files you got as bonuses are really nice! Glad you had a good time and enjoyed your experience.
11 minutos antesmangokyattomangokyatto
mangokyatto (Hace 8 meses) #15013242Selling 2009 version used, good condition for $10 + shipping from US. PM for details/pictures!
still selling!
21 minutos antesSmeySmey
Tenma (14 horas antes) #21479636Thank you very much ^ U ^
I love your Anzu avatar & figure by Koto im still a little bummed out i missed that figure

Heheh, thanks! I love Anzu very much I think ww

Sometimes I see Kotobukiya Anzu in amiami pre-owned section at a reasonable price.
Maybe you can search in there :0
22 minutos anteslluviakatelluviakate
Thanks for the comment and rating on my picture!!!
22 minutos antes (22 minutos antes)lluviakatelluviakate
horatio (23 horas antes) #21460187"Who's going to be the prettiest Deadpool at the ball tonight? Yeah that's right, me!"
AHaha my thoughts exactly!
23 minutos antesMoonyMoony
Selling mine for 100€. Please PM for more info :)
38 minutos antesNagara_VenteelNagara_Venteel
baracudaboy (22 horas antes) #21461895Lovely picture.

Thank you!
39 minutos antesagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I'm glad this one turned out better for you! ♥
39 minutos antesIchigoMilkuIchigoMilku
Awesome! I love his little clackers :D
51 minutos antes (51 minutos antes)AzyxAzyx
Seems like local distributor might get her, or at least there's one selling her in Canada.

[ext link ]

Make me wonder what's best considering they'll send her EMS which mean I'll most likely get taxed which would bring her around 10$ higher than from Nativo World.

**Also make me question the whole "TOM Project" even more lol
52 minutos antesmaggiemaggie
That is just horrible... they made you pay for the new leg?? On top of the price of the figure. You were diligent in your repair, and I'm glad she came out better than new! Goodness I would have been horribly livid.

...and I probably wouldn't be brave enough to deal with the company again. I hope if you get another 1/1 you post that it arrived in one piece! >_<;;
59 minutos anteskyoshinheikyoshinhei
You can get a tiger bikini with item #549485 (no tan though)
1 hora antesMakaizouMakaizou
It's a shame, she's a 1/8 scale... I really like it but she's too small.
1 hora antesvince454vince454
horatio (18 horas antes) #21472089Love this pic and concept. This is really adorable.

thank you ^^
1 hora antesPalluxzPalluxz
The bigger the waifu, the happier the laifu.
1 hora antesPalluxzPalluxz
Fav fig in my collection item #166954 and my Fav fig I want above all rn is item #236240 each time I remember I missed her Pre order breaks my heart.
1 hora antesmaggiemaggie
Great use of the Tamashiii effects! It's really sad that 4 other items needed to be purchased to make Korra as kickass as she actually is.
1 hora antesyurirainbowzyurirainbowz
That's so cool~

I'm curious, are there any stores dedicated to yuri/GL like the BL store in this post?

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