1 minuto antesomgusosillyomgusosilly
ugh. Just when I thought I was ready to walk away from collecting.. dang it, Alter !!
2 minutos antesSeikiSeiki
HighCalamity (4 horas antes) #24030550Mostly the equipment she uses and her headgear changes slightly

Then what's the point? Sounds like a bit of a waste of a Nendoroid.
2 minutos antesHikaruharu17Hikaruharu17
Still waiting on Fate/zero Gilgamesh. :/
3 minutos antesLienLien
Oohh finally!
I'm really excited for this one
3 minutos antesnikkodanikkoda ミカ大好きだよ
Wow she's gorgeous.
4 minutos antesRikiiaRikiia
Skipped his scale but will probably get his nendoroid. I hope a lot more nendoroids of guys are announced.
5 minutos antesrozellerozelle
HypedSniper (hace 1 día) #23975626Sorry for the late reply!! I'm glad you're ok ^^ Ooh tell me if any of the Wonfes announcement catch your eye! I'm really considering getting Yurio but I'll see how it goes. At least I have plenty of time to decide since he is getting released in January. >< Plus he is coming with cat ears Oh and congrats on the Conan nendo(s) I know you love the series!! You must be so happy^^
It's all good!!! :D Also thank you! How about you, how are you? :) And I will update you on that! I'm praying we got more BSD nendos. But I think my wallet is not prepared for summer Wonfes lol. Update me on which ones you'll be looking forward to at Wonfes as well! Ohh we are thinking the same :) I want to see what else is in store at Wonfes before getting Yurio. It's great that we have a long time to decide. The cat ears is too cute! And thank you!!! :D LOL I'm really glad you remembered. It seems there is no way out for me in that fandom x)
7 minutos antesSirisSiris
No, it's there, they just must to make it lower :(

[ext link ]

PVCollectorAaron (48 minutos antes) #24037115And they still didn't fix the color on bandage of the leg. It is not all white.
8 minutos antesSkyBlueSkyBlue
LOOK.AT.THE.DETAILS. God, thank you~♡
9 minutos antesLunarSkyeLunarSkye
Alter back at it again with the pricy deresute figures. Skip.
9 minutos antesSkyBlueSkyBlue
Kiz-xo (5 horas antes) #24029354I have everything i need out of wonfes xD (Though i wont complain about getting some more :P)
Can't wait to see the full thing painted on Sunday!! Our long wait is almost coming to an end
(Hahha Jokes, now we gotta wait for the paint job, pre orders and finally shipping)

I'm hyperventilating already rn...I might faint when I see his full prototype X'D

ronnibun41 (1 hora antes) #24036270Love the attention to detail so far on the feathers. I'm sure he'll be glorious! I'm more excited for tiny Ren thoAnd his little boots~♡
11 minutos antesLeesilLeesil
I love both of them...
13 minutos antesBlackfire89Blackfire89
happy (sorry im late) birthday from a passing by stranger XD
15 minutos antes (15 minutos antes)RikiiaRikiia
A Chinese company made a Gilgamesh scale before any Japanese company...amazing. BASED MYETHOS, THANK YOU. I don't have any experience with them but looking over their other products they look promising so far.

Now if Caster Gil, Proto Saber, and/or Ozymandias get made as well I can die happily.
16 minutos antesTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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