1 minuto antesMiaekaMiaeka
Majikaru-Rin (8 horas antes) #30897434You're welcome~ <3 = u =
All in a days work, there's a reason they used to call me the Smut Fairy back in my High School days, lmfao X'D

(Im going to add you if we're not friends already)
5 minutos antesPepeFracciniPepeFraccini
infinity_haruka (hace 1 día) #30896720i know i know,
i think its not a scam, cause the seller written in his item page that he already got reservation of it on secondary lottery sales
its on japan yahoo auction, 12.8k yen is her current and buyout price

yahoo Auctions its not a good reference for items that wasnt even released yet .-. order straight from GSC online shop or Big In Japan .-. even Mandarake has high prices for the exclusive items, either in July or November/December :X
12 minutos antesgreenknightgreenknight
NuSoard (2 horas antes) #30897569Anyone heard any updates on this? Still waiting to get charged for my pre-order (used Anime Blvd)...we're halfway through January already!

I have it pre-ordered through AmiAmi. Still shows as Not In Stock yet...
13 minutos antesKamKam
Well.. At least I got a bunch of extra Caliburns for her to hold from all those Seiba figma.
13 minutos antesJason_WanderJason_Wander
IMO this one or the Revolve. Not a fan of the max factory version.Josine (3 horas antes) #30897537I like how her base is similar to the bases of GSC’s other saberfaces :) I have to see more pictures though before I decide between Max Factory’s and this one.
18 minutos antes (17 minutos antes)ThemyThemy
Inspired picture! Lovely!
22 minutos antesmylzbigglee13mylzbigglee13
Selling mine, US only. PM offers. Thanks!
24 minutos antesWolfragniumWolfragnium
Oh noes! *grabs it* There you go, super cutie!
31 minutos antesNimokoNimoko
Oh danke sehr nochmal :) hab mich sehr gefreut!
Grüsse zurück!
37 minutos antes (36 minutos antes)solluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
You're more likely to find stuff like that on second hand stores like Mandarake or finding them in Yahoo Auctions Japan. AmiAmi rarely seems to put up old stock. You might be able to find them new if you don't mind overpaying somewhere like eBay.
39 minutos antesLehstLehst
So far it looks like the results will be skewed by the fact that
noticeably more participants are female (perhaps girls are more prone to take surveys and quizzes.)

Another issue with quizzes like this, is the person making the quiz is probably already biased, and in this case they clearly asked for more information because they don't have much knowlwdge of the fanbase. For instance, they didn't account for people that collect anime goods but not very many "figures".

So everyone, remember this survey is just for fun and take the results with a grain of salt. There aren't many questions, and they only reflect on the participants, not necessarily the world's collectors as a whole.

That said, I think this is a lot of fun and I hope to see the results! :D


I haven't taken one of these personality tests in years, and yet I still got the same result *chuckle*. I've grown up a bit and have a bit more wisdom, but it seems I'm still pretty much the same lol. I just know how to live happier now, than as a child, with this personality.

Also I took a guess on what the common type would be, but it isn't my own. I'm a bit surprised I guessed right (at the time of this post) even though I only have a vague idea of what all the types are.
46 minutos antesEnricraigalEnricraigal
Its up on Nippon Yasan and DAMN: 21000 yens with no electronics. WTF?
47 minutos antesEmulsionEmulsion
Got an email from Nippon saying the release date has change to 31 May.
59 minutos antes (58 minutos antes)BloodFlowerBloodFlower
I never have any hopes for WF, mostly because I don't watch much anime (even less new ones) and game related figures are always hard to predict. So anything that actually peeks my interest will always be a nice surprise.

My unrealistic hopes though are that item #300531 will finally be revealed, maybe a nice big scale of Black Jack or another show/game I like that doesn't have many figures, and that nobody will upload anything to the database from the obligatory fakemas announcement.
1 hora antesdevioustofudevioustofu
Selling mine once it arrives for $50 + $10 shipping in the US. PM me if interested. It's the GSC shop order with the bonuses. Thanks!
1 hora antesccutterccutter
chaosrealm93 (hace 16 días) #30572287hnnnnnnng yes
dont listen to all those anti-wetsuit haters :D
Exactly. It's their loss.

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