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  • Nichijou - Epic win *____*~
    hace 8 años
    Whoa! I never realized that Kyoto Animation made pretty much all of my favorite anime!
    hace 9 años
    I hope Kyoani makes a Little Busters anime
    hace 9 años
    Lucky Star Season 2, pls :)
    hace 9 años
    I love KyoAni ^O^ /////
    They makes so much of my favorite animes =D /
    KYOANI FTW X3 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    hace 10 años
    Ye Haruhi movie was awesome ^^
    and also K-ON! s2 is great so far.
    hace 10 años
    Shiddo 一匹狼
    Haruhi movie = awesome ^^
    hace 10 años
    K-on season 2 will start this april =P
    hace 10 años
    Hi there I'm just joined the club I love Haruhi, Lucky★Star,Clannad and K-on! the anime of KyoAni is really fun many of character from this studio is very cute
    now I'm waiting for K-on! season2^^
    hace 10 años
    should change the descriptio to Munto 1 & 2, i believe it wasn't a TV series but rather 2 movies? 3? i can't remember.

    anyone actually watch munto? i swear the girl looks like misuzu.
    hace 10 años
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